Our Guarantees

Periop’s Transition & Performance Guarantees

We Guarantee Your Cash Flow, Eliminating Any Possible Income Loss During the Transition Period.

Periop’s “Transition Guarantee” guarantees that your move to Periop goes smoothly with no reduction in cash flow and no loss of income to your practice. We understand that every anesthesiology practice is different.  This guarantee is unique to the industry, as we will reimburse the practice based on 100% of the expected revenue during the transition months. We understand the concerns a practice has when it comes to a billing solution change, and we will eliminate any financial risk related to the billing transition. You will meet with the Periop transition team to collaborate on the revenue plan during the transition. During the transition period, any revenue shortfall will be reconciled and recoverable.

Better Billing Performance Than Your Current Provider…Guaranteed.

Periop’s “Performance Guarantee” is a unique and exclusive way Periop has separated itself from our competitors and enabled us to become one of the fastest growing anesthesia billing & practice management companies in the country. Prior to your transition, the Periop practice management team will work closely with the practice leadership to identify the areas of improvement and establish specific targets for the Periop team. We guarantee improved performance. The performance guarantees will be discussed and mutually agreed on once we have reviewed specific practice data.