eQA Reporting Tool

eQA is an easy and efficient solution for MIPS / MACRA reporting.

Medusind is offering eQA — a cloud-based and HIPAA compliant software platform designed to give anesthesia providers the ability to enter QA occurrences quickly and efficiently. The system allows users to transition away from paper quality forms and utilize an easier, more efficient and effective solution for anesthesia MIPS reporting. You will have additional freedom knowing you can access the system via a smartphone, tablet or PC without any impact on the flow of the operating room. eQA meets all the standard anesthesia MIPS reporting guidelines and allows you to track data excluded from the medical record and external reporting. This intuitive platform makes MIPS/MACRA submissions easier than ever. eQA also allows for Joint Commission peer review and is capable of root cause analysis reporting. These benefits help create an efficient solution for any anesthesia group.